Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Georgia Guidestones and the 2014 Autumn Equinox blood sacrifice.

The Georgia Guidestone's and the 2014 Autumn Equinox blood sacrifice

The enigmatic new cube placed in the Georgia Guidestones recently
23 September 2014 at 13:57
It was brought to the attention of folk on the 'net that a stone had been added to the Georgia guidestones which simply states on the two sides of the exposed cube, the numbers 20 and 14, which would indicate this current year of 2014. As many are aware these stones have been the subject of much discussion over the years since they were 'mysteriously' planned and funded by a man with the pseudenom of R.C. Christian, and it is most likely taken as read that this man was working therefore for a group which may be connected to the Rosicrucion order, which was itself founded by amongst a few others one Sir Francis Bacon, author of The New Atlantis, a blueprint for the modern day America.
Whatever their origins, they were dedicated in a ceremony/ritual on the 22nd of March 1980, or 22/3
/80.  This date being of course the Spring equinox of 1980, and the number of the Skull and Bones society.
 Now as many readers will be aware we are living in an age where ritual and human sacrifice are the norm, but are dressed up in language of the war mongers who warp the minds of the masses with tales of fear and angry words and phrases such as 'War on Terror' (which is just a word, not a land). But a closer examination of the word reveals another meaning, as Terror as spoken by George Bush phonetically sounded like Tara, and Tara is the ancient Druidic name for the Mother Goddess, who is also in some cultures the goddess of the sea.  Tara, Kali, Diana, Semirimis, Isis, they are all names given by various cultures to the same deity, that of the reproductive nurturing energy that brings new life to the earth, when the alchemical marriage of the energy of the Sun rays work in harmony with her to create new life. Also the word is reminiscent of the Torah, as held in the hands of the High Priestess of the second card of the Tarot. More about that later.
So why one might ask then are they deliberately giving the name of the sacred feminine to these wars and groups of men intent on the death of human life?
In a nutshell, it is because they are evil, evil right to the core. They follow a religion/way of life that dictates that they should offer blood sacrifice to their ancient Gods, to whom they have sold their souls. They believe in the regeneration of life, that the death of so many is not such a big thing anyhow, as these people will just re-incarnate somewhere else, but as souls who have died in fear and terror even if they do come back they will carry with them a burden throughout their new life. I do believe myself our human bodies are simply a vehicle for our souls to experience this life, and to learn while we are here, but I also do not believe that any other person has the right to harm my body for their own self gratification, and certainly not to offer one up as a human sacrifice, and this is exactly what is happening by those elitists who are running the theatre we find ourselves incarnated in at the minute, the production called Life on Earth.
So, back to the Guidestones.  When I watched the video at the weekend, it struck me immediately that this video had been released in the week running up to the Autumn Equinox, when the sun, if one takes the allegory that it is a personified man, has lost its battle with the dark lord, the king of the night, as there are from now until we come back to the Spring Equinox more hours of darkness than there are light. And the planet who rules high in the arch of heaven and can be seen is none other than Saturn, ruler of the night sky, who is the Time Lord, the Dark Lord, and also known as Satan. Saturn, who ate his own children in mythology!
And so I began to do a bit of research into the connection between this years Autumn/Fall Equinox and the other major dates that have shaped world events in recent years.  Remember, numbers are symbols, and symbols hold energy that have the power to manipulate the world around us.  We are all living in a matrix of words and numbers, spells and rituals. Because we are not aware, we dismiss at our peril what is hid in our faces.
The number thirteen is along with 9 and 11 central to all magical works.  Eleven is the number of all magic and 9 to a Satanist is the number of evil man.  Thirteen to some is the number of the devil himself! yet it is also thought of as a number relating to female energy, as the number closely connected to the moon and as its cycles of 13 months in the year, and the female reproductive cycle, hence the letter M is the 13th in the alphabet and denotes the female breast in shape. But to many 13 is the most unluckiest of numbers. It is sacred to the Knights Templars who still commemorate the date October 13th 1307, when the King of France had them tortured and put to death. Those who managed to escape made their way to Scotland and reinvented themselves as the Scottish Rite Freemasons, who are still to this day controlling so much from the shadows.
The 23rd and last Grand master of the French Templars was Jacques de Molay, whom King Philip had tortured and slowly burned to death in Paris. Note the number 23, today's date as I write, 23rd September 2014.
So what then is the connection between the Georgia Guidestones and today's date?
As I have said, I quickly figured that this could not have been a coincidence that this information was put on the internet in the week of the equinox. And here is what I found :
The Guidestones were dedicated in a ceremony/ritual on 22/3/80, and the time from then until today is 34 years, 6 months and 1 day, which is (3+4=) 7/7 (6+1)
The time between 11/9/2001 and 23/9/14 = 4761 days or 13 years and 13 days.  (4761 = 11/7 and this number is depicted in graffiti on the stones, but my friend Sandra Barr will be doing an indepth analysis of the graffiti)
It is worth noting that the time between the US's invasion of Iraq on the Spring Equinox of 2003 and the 22/3/80 ceremony at the stones was 8400 days exactly (84 again if you are familiar with my other research) and 23 years exactly to the day.
Obama at Stone henge, note the position of the sun behind him.
On 5th September Barrack Obama made a very public visit to Stonehenge, an ancient stone structure in England on what is known as the heart chakra of the world.  This was a very significant ritual.  Today's date is 23/9/14, a date which equals 5/9/14 as 2+3=5. What was the purpose of this visit?
Was he as the dark King of the New World (as his handlers have constructed him to be) sending a message? Stone henge may well be a remnant of a very old world now lost, the land of Atlantis, which was not destroyed by the cataclysmic events that destroyed so much of the earth at that time thousands of years ago.  The Georgia Guidestones are dubbed the America's own Stonehenge, built on the Rosicrucian dream of the New Atlantis by Rosicrucian.  From 22/3/80 - 23/9/14 = 1800 weeks and from Obama's Stonehenge visit until today 23/9/14 = 18 days. 18 = both (1+8) 9 and 6x6x6.
The Thirteenth card of the Tarot
The thirteenth tarot card is the Death card, and it depicts the grim reaper in the guise of a Knight on horseback standing over the body of a dead king, and a maiden in great distress and pain, which often accompanies death and a child in what appears to be a trance-like state. There is also a Bishop/Pope like figure with arms in a praying perhaps pleading position.  This I find interesting as we are told the the current Pope Francis (aged 77!) has been under death threat from 'ISIS'.  In the background there are the twin towers with the blazing sunset in shining through the middle, which may depict the gateway to the New Jerusalem/Zion or the unveiling of Isis which has been taken from the destruction of the towers on 9/11, that a gateway has been opened to usher in the new age of Lucifer, the Light bearer.
31 days ago (note the reversal of the 13) Hollywood's 'golden couple' Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt married in a chapel within their home in France (remember where the Templars were attacked and the 23rd Grand master was killed).  Angelina has without doubt been elevated to the position within Hollywood as the supreme Goddess, a mother of a Rainbow family, and whose latest film role depicted her as the entity Walt Disney himself dubbed the most evil character of all Disney characters, Maleficent, and when in costume, Angelina does not disappoint, as a horned witch/dark Goddess/High Priestess, we have been programmed with this image all year, actually for a couple of years, as we have been subject to many press stories about the making of this film.

Note the subliminal programming in the words beside the horned Goddesses head! Angelina 'casts a spell'! 
The wedding took place on the 23/8/14, note the 23 again, and the wedding pictures released showed Angelina in a very nice wedding dress, but also with a very strange long veil which she had get her children to cover in their art/scribbles/drawings, which in themselves were very strange, as they depicted domes (architectural breasts) and Eifle Towers (architectural phallus symbol) motor bikes, guns and flowers. The veil simple looked a mess, and as though it were covered in graffiti, in fact just as the Georgia Guide stones have been covered in graffiti!

Isis, the Egyptian version of the mother Goddess and mother of the Sun God/ wife sister of Osiris, was the daughter of Saturn, and she is depicted sometimes in art as wearing a veil, and stating that "I AM Isis, no mortal man shall unveil me".  The High Priestess in the second tarot card is also depicted wearing a long veil, and like Isis and Angelina a horned headdress.  So I think it safe to say Angelina has been depicted as a high priestess/mother goddess/ sex symbol goddess of sorts. But the significant thing is the defaced veil here. Isis has been unveiled.  Note too that Angelina turned 39 (13x3) on 4th June this year, and this means in High priestess terms, she has made a significant promotion were she involved in the black arts.

Today then in conclusion is the 23rd September 2014, the day the Autumn Equinox falls on 2014 in the week the world was told of a significant development regarding the US's Stonehenge, and as I predicted the news might be interesting today.  I had commented that hopefully the connection to the thirteenth card of the Tarot, the Death Card, might be purely metaphysical, and not literal, but I just knew they were connected in some way.
Today the US government has launched an all out air attack on ISIS, the group they funded, and who they are now attacking, and this will inevitably bring about the deaths of so many innocent people on the ground.  What is happening this morning on the ancient lands of Assyria and Babylon, is a major step towards the planned third world war.  Already we hear cries form ISIS to attack the people in the US on the streets (more CIA bullshit) but no doubt trouble will occur. This is the culmination of many years in the planning, the pitting of fake religion against fake religion, as Albert Pike had proclaimed, in order to bring every one together in the final aftermath under one god, the god of the Scottish Rite Freemason (Knights Templars).. Lucifer!

This morning we are witnessing once again a mega ritual human blood sacrifice, and our only hope is for those who have taken the oath to serve the military might of the USA and Europe to wake up and lay down their arms before it's too late...!